About Us

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About Us

For over two decades, ISD (Imaging Space Design) is driven by experience, narrative, and the belief that thoughtful design leads to a quality of life. Multi-disciplinary to the core, ISD is united by a shared passion for ground-breaking design with the versatility and ability to customize our services to the clients’ needs.

Looking towards the future with support from the past – ISD is driven by responsibility and trend analysis which further solidifies ISD’s eclectic portfolio.

ISD provides a total solutions of space planning, designs, furniture fit out and project management for different industries ranging from commercial, retail outlets, residential, corporate offices and restaurants.

Our Principle

Functional Excellence

Form follows Function – Functional, comfortable, usable, practical

Innovation And Vision

With a vision set on innovation, the advancements of technology and material resources is incorporated into our developments

Cultural Awareness

A sense of social responsibility & awareness to the heritage, beliefs and values of the surrounding community

Environmental Awareness

We do all we can to incorporate sustainable practices into our design philosophy using natural elements
– to promote energy efficiency and responsibility